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Smartincode prioritizes speed and performance in every custom WordPress development project. A website’s loading speed is a crucial factor in shaping its online reputation, and our experts are dedicated to optimizing your site for lightning-fast performance.

Why Is It Important To Have A Fast Website?


More Visitors

Nobody likes a slow website. 43% of users lose their patience and leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Having a fast website ensures a good customer experience and increases the chances of users visiting other pages on your site.

Better Ranking

Page load time is a very important search engine ranking factor. A faster website can lead to a higher rank in the search engine results, which will then attract more potential customers. This means that having an optimized website is a must.

WordPress Speed Frequently Asked Questions

Totally depends on the following parameters:

  • Total number of pages and posts on the website
  • Total number of images and videos present
  • Current pagespeed score of the website
  • The number of issues mentioned in the pagespeed audit report
  • Caching is with the plugins we install or with the hosting

Here are some of the popular website speed test tools you can refer to:
GT Metrix

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